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S20 - T250
10/1/2021 6:30:00 PM
Texas Hold Em No Limit
Seats Available: 18
Seats Taken: 1
Waiting List: 0
Buyin: $20.00
Rebuy: $10.00
Add-on: $0.00
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Stake Goal Live Tourney

The Live Tourney Jackpot is a way for our club to stake one or more members in a live tournament of the clubs choice, and have some fun as a club at the same time both during our own competition and when we all go to support our co-member(s). Participation is totally voluntary and does not affect any members standing in the club. This jackpot is also completely separate from any other tournament structure we currently have and it does not affect our championship in any way.

The club elders will decide upon a stake goal and a live tournament that one or more of our members will enter and compete on behalf of the club.

Anyone who regularly attends can participate if they choose. In order participate you simply need to contribute to the stake goal ($5 increments). By participating you understand and agree that you and the club will be staking/backing one or more players from the club to compete in the chosen live tourney on the clubs behalf. Also, by participating you are eligible to be the player(s) chosen to be staked by the club. If you are the player(s) chosen you agree to divide any potential winnings with the club based on contribution percentage. Contribution to the stake goal can only be made before one of our own tournaments starts.

Those who contribute to the stake goal will participate in the competition to determine who will compete on behalf of the club in the live tourney. The competition will begin when the stake goal is $0 and end when the stake goal is met. We will use placing points (x1) only to determine the winner. So “In the Money”, “Winner” and “KO” points do not count for this competition. Your points only begin to accumulate once you have contributed to the stake goal. The point is that we want to send the best player from the club to compete for the club. Tiebreaker is a heads up match.

Now the good part! Your contribution to the stake goal directly determines your potential earnings. If you contributed $20 toward the $200 stake goal then you will get 10% of the potential winnings. An $80 contributor will get 40%. This means that each member can experience participation in any manner they want. You could be a $5 contributor or a $100 contributor. Either way you can get some return on your $$ if our “guy(s)” wins!