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S20 - B245
3/12/2021 6:30:00 PM
Texas Hold Em No Limit
Buyin: $40.00
Rebuy: $0.00
Add-on: $0.00
Boss's Place
** Seat reservations open on Monday before tourney

Tournament Results

Player Summary


S20 - B242Jackpot Addon$14.40
S20 - T240Jackpot Addon$6.40
S20 - T241Jackpot Addon$10.40
S20 - T243Jackpot Addon$7.20
S20 - T244Jackpot Addon$8.00
Total  $46.40
Chelfster 418$0.00
Dragon Blood183$0.00
BossS20 - B2425 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
BossS20 - B242Full Boat: 10pts(x6)60
BossS20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x2)30
BossS20 - B242Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
BossS20 - T2405 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
BossS20 - T240Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
BossS20 - T240Straight: 7pts(x1)7
BossS20 - T2415 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
BossS20 - T241Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
BossS20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x1)15
BossS20 - T243Flush: 16pts(x1)16
BossS20 - T243Fourflush: 4pts(x1)4
BossS20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x3)60
BossS20 - T243Quads: 30pts(x2)60
BossS20 - T243Straight: 14pts(x1)14
BossS20 - T2445 of a kind: 60pts(x1)60
BossS20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x6)120
BossS20 - T244Pair: 2pt(x1)2
BossS20 - T244Straight: 14pts(x2)28
BossS20 - T244Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
BrainfreezeS20 - B242Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
BrainfreezeS20 - B242Straight: 7pts(x1)7
BrainfreezeS20 - B242Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
BrainfreezeS20 - T244Flush: 16pts(x1)16
BrainfreezeS20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x4)80
BrainfreezeS20 - T244Quads: 30pts(x1)30
BrainfreezeS20 - T244Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
Chelfster S20 - B2425 of a kind: 30pts(x2)60
Chelfster S20 - B242Full Boat: 10pts(x3)30
Chelfster S20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x1)15
Chelfster S20 - B242Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
Chelfster S20 - T2415 of a kind: 30pts(x2)60
Chelfster S20 - T241Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
Chelfster S20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x2)30
Chelfster S20 - T241Straight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
Chelfster S20 - T243Flush: 16pts(x3)48
Chelfster S20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x1)20
Chelfster S20 - T243Straight: 14pts(x1)14
Chelfster S20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x3)60
Chelfster S20 - T244Pair: 2pt(x1)2
Chelfster S20 - T244Straight Flush: 40pts(x1)40
Chelfster S20 - T244Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
Dragon BloodS20 - T2405 of a kind: 30pts(x3)90
Dragon BloodS20 - T240Full Boat: 10pts(x4)40
Dragon BloodS20 - T240Straight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
Dragon BloodS20 - T241Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
Dragon BloodS20 - T241Pair: 1pt(x1)1
Dragon BloodS20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x1)15
Dragon BloodS20 - T241Straight: 7pts(x1)7
FloS20 - T240Full Boat: 10pts(x6)60
FloS20 - T240Quads: 15pts(x3)45
FloS20 - T2415 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
FloS20 - T241Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
FloS20 - T241Two Pair: 3pts(x2)6
FloS20 - T243Flush: 16pts(x2)32
FloS20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x3)60
FloS20 - T243Pair: 2pt(x1)2
ManholeS20 - B242Full Boat: 10pts(x2)20
ManholeS20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x1)15
ManholeS20 - T2405 of a kind: 30pts(x3)90
ManholeS20 - T240Full Boat: 10pts(x6)60
ManholeS20 - T240Quads: 15pts(x3)45
ManholeS20 - T240Straight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
ManholeS20 - T2415 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
ManholeS20 - T241Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
ManholeS20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x1)20
ManholeS20 - T243Quads: 30pts(x1)30
ManholeS20 - T243Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
ManholeS20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x2)40
ManholeS20 - T244Quads: 30pts(x1)30
ManholeS20 - T244Straight: 14pts(x1)14
PubSharkS20 - B242Full Boat: 10pts(x3)30
PubSharkS20 - B242Pair: 1pt(x1)1
PubSharkS20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x1)15
PubSharkS20 - T2415 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
PubSharkS20 - T241Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
PubSharkS20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x2)30
PubSharkS20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x4)80
PubSharkS20 - T243Quads: 30pts(x1)30
PubSharkS20 - T243Straight: 14pts(x1)14
PubSharkS20 - T243Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
PunisherS20 - T2415 of a kind: 30pts(x2)60
PunisherS20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x1)15
PunisherS20 - T241Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
PunisherS20 - T243Flush: 16pts(x3)48
PunisherS20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x5)100
PunisherS20 - T243Trips: 10pts(x1)10
PunisherS20 - T243Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
PunisherS20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x3)60
PunisherS20 - T244Straight: 14pts(x2)28
PunisherS20 - T244Two Pair: 6pts(x2)12
SpookS20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x2)30
SpookS20 - B242Straight: 7pts(x1)7
SpookS20 - T240Full Boat: 10pts(x6)60
SpookS20 - T240Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
SpookS20 - T243Flush: 16pts(x3)48
SpookS20 - T243Full Boat: 20pts(x5)100
SpookS20 - T243Straight: 14pts(x1)14
SpookS20 - T244Flush: 16pts(x2)32
SpookS20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x1)20
TripodS20 - B2425 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
TripodS20 - B242Full Boat: 10pts(x2)20
TripodS20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x2)30
TripodS20 - B242Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
TripodS20 - T240Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
TripodS20 - T240Quads: 15pts(x1)15
TripodS20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x1)15
TripodS20 - T241Two Pair: 3pts(x2)6
WoidogS20 - B2425 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
WoidogS20 - B242Flush: 8pts(x1)8
WoidogS20 - B242Quads: 15pts(x1)15
WoidogS20 - T2445 of a kind: 60pts(x2)120
WoidogS20 - T244Flush: 16pts(x2)32
WoidogS20 - T244Full Boat: 20pts(x5)100
WoidogS20 - T244Quads: 30pts(x1)30
WoidogS20 - T244Two Pair: 6pts(x2)12
WyomingS20 - B2425 of a kind: 30pts(x4)120
WyomingS20 - B242Flush: 8pts(x1)8
WyomingS20 - B242Pair: 1pt(x1)1
WyomingS20 - B242Straight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
WyomingS20 - T241Flush: 8pts(x1)8
WyomingS20 - T241Quads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - B242Boss5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - B242BossFull Boat: 10pts(x6)60
S20 - B242BossQuads: 15pts(x2)30
S20 - B242BossTwo Pair: 3pts(x1)3
S20 - B242BrainfreezeFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - B242BrainfreezeStraight: 7pts(x1)7
S20 - B242BrainfreezeTwo Pair: 3pts(x1)3
S20 - B242Chelfster 5 of a kind: 30pts(x2)60
S20 - B242Chelfster Full Boat: 10pts(x3)30
S20 - B242Chelfster Quads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - B242Chelfster Two Pair: 3pts(x1)3
S20 - B242ManholeFull Boat: 10pts(x2)20
S20 - B242ManholeQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - B242PubSharkFull Boat: 10pts(x3)30
S20 - B242PubSharkPair: 1pt(x1)1
S20 - B242PubSharkQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - B242SpookQuads: 15pts(x2)30
S20 - B242SpookStraight: 7pts(x1)7
S20 - B242Tripod5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - B242TripodFull Boat: 10pts(x2)20
S20 - B242TripodQuads: 15pts(x2)30
S20 - B242TripodTwo Pair: 3pts(x1)3
S20 - B242Woidog5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - B242WoidogFlush: 8pts(x1)8
S20 - B242WoidogQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - B242Wyoming5 of a kind: 30pts(x4)120
S20 - B242WyomingFlush: 8pts(x1)8
S20 - B242WyomingPair: 1pt(x1)1
S20 - B242WyomingStraight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T240Boss5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T240BossFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T240BossStraight: 7pts(x1)7
S20 - T240Dragon Blood5 of a kind: 30pts(x3)90
S20 - T240Dragon BloodFull Boat: 10pts(x4)40
S20 - T240Dragon BloodStraight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T240FloFull Boat: 10pts(x6)60
S20 - T240FloQuads: 15pts(x3)45
S20 - T240Manhole5 of a kind: 30pts(x3)90
S20 - T240ManholeFull Boat: 10pts(x6)60
S20 - T240ManholeQuads: 15pts(x3)45
S20 - T240ManholeStraight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T240SpookFull Boat: 10pts(x6)60
S20 - T240SpookTwo Pair: 3pts(x1)3
S20 - T240TripodFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T240TripodQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - T241Boss5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T241BossFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T241BossQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - T241Chelfster 5 of a kind: 30pts(x2)60
S20 - T241Chelfster Full Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T241Chelfster Quads: 15pts(x2)30
S20 - T241Chelfster Straight Flush: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T241Dragon BloodFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T241Dragon BloodPair: 1pt(x1)1
S20 - T241Dragon BloodQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - T241Dragon BloodStraight: 7pts(x1)7
S20 - T241Flo5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T241FloFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T241FloTwo Pair: 3pts(x2)6
S20 - T241Manhole5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T241ManholeFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T241PubShark5 of a kind: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T241PubSharkFull Boat: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T241PubSharkQuads: 15pts(x2)30
S20 - T241Punisher5 of a kind: 30pts(x2)60
S20 - T241PunisherQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - T241PunisherTwo Pair: 3pts(x1)3
S20 - T241TripodQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - T241TripodTwo Pair: 3pts(x2)6
S20 - T241WyomingFlush: 8pts(x1)8
S20 - T241WyomingQuads: 15pts(x1)15
S20 - T243BossFlush: 16pts(x1)16
S20 - T243BossFourflush: 4pts(x1)4
S20 - T243BossFull Boat: 20pts(x3)60
S20 - T243BossQuads: 30pts(x2)60
S20 - T243BossStraight: 14pts(x1)14
S20 - T243Chelfster Flush: 16pts(x3)48
S20 - T243Chelfster Full Boat: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T243Chelfster Straight: 14pts(x1)14
S20 - T243FloFlush: 16pts(x2)32
S20 - T243FloFull Boat: 20pts(x3)60
S20 - T243FloPair: 2pt(x1)2
S20 - T243ManholeFull Boat: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T243ManholeQuads: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T243ManholeTwo Pair: 6pts(x1)6
S20 - T243PubSharkFull Boat: 20pts(x4)80
S20 - T243PubSharkQuads: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T243PubSharkStraight: 14pts(x1)14
S20 - T243PubSharkTwo Pair: 6pts(x1)6
S20 - T243PunisherFlush: 16pts(x3)48
S20 - T243PunisherFull Boat: 20pts(x5)100
S20 - T243PunisherTrips: 10pts(x1)10
S20 - T243PunisherTwo Pair: 6pts(x1)6
S20 - T243SpookFlush: 16pts(x3)48
S20 - T243SpookFull Boat: 20pts(x5)100
S20 - T243SpookStraight: 14pts(x1)14
S20 - T244Boss5 of a kind: 60pts(x1)60
S20 - T244BossFull Boat: 20pts(x6)120
S20 - T244BossPair: 2pt(x1)2
S20 - T244BossStraight: 14pts(x2)28
S20 - T244BossTwo Pair: 6pts(x1)6
S20 - T244BrainfreezeFlush: 16pts(x1)16
S20 - T244BrainfreezeFull Boat: 20pts(x4)80
S20 - T244BrainfreezeQuads: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T244BrainfreezeTwo Pair: 6pts(x1)6
S20 - T244Chelfster Full Boat: 20pts(x3)60
S20 - T244Chelfster Pair: 2pt(x1)2
S20 - T244Chelfster Straight Flush: 40pts(x1)40
S20 - T244Chelfster Two Pair: 6pts(x1)6
S20 - T244ManholeFull Boat: 20pts(x2)40
S20 - T244ManholeQuads: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T244ManholeStraight: 14pts(x1)14
S20 - T244PunisherFull Boat: 20pts(x3)60
S20 - T244PunisherStraight: 14pts(x2)28
S20 - T244PunisherTwo Pair: 6pts(x2)12
S20 - T244SpookFlush: 16pts(x2)32
S20 - T244SpookFull Boat: 20pts(x1)20
S20 - T244Woidog5 of a kind: 60pts(x2)120
S20 - T244WoidogFlush: 16pts(x2)32
S20 - T244WoidogFull Boat: 20pts(x5)100
S20 - T244WoidogQuads: 30pts(x1)30
S20 - T244WoidogTwo Pair: 6pts(x2)12